Ayr declared a house price ‘winner’, in bank survey

THE town of Ayr has recorded the biggest annual leap in house prices in Scotland – according to a survey published by the Bank of Scotland.

Says the bank, the average house price in the coastal town increased by 15.5 per cent (£23,839) to £177,984 during the last 12 months (between October 2019 and October this year). Meanwhile, 60 miles east, in Dumfries, house prices rose by 13.6 per cent (£18,471) to £154,021 during the same period.

Among other findings, Inverness is named as the Scots city with the biggest jump in average price in 2019/2020 an increase of 8.1 per cent (£14,687) with an average property price of £195,534.

Adds the survey: “Already home to many of the priciest addresses in the country, Edinburgh came in at in seventh place – with an additional £15,581 (six per cent) increase to the average price of a home this year.

“Despite its place in the table, the average property price of £274,246 is the most expensive in Scotland.

“However, 2020 has also seen changes in value in the opposite direction across Scotland. West Lothian’s largest town, Livingston, has seen a fall in house prices of 8.1 per cent this year, equivalent to £15,396, with the average house prices in the area dipping from £190,152 to £174,756 in the past 12 months.

“Motherwell in North Lanarkshire has seen a dip of 2.7 per cent (£4,266) on last year, with an average house price of £151,015 – which is less than half the UK average (£304,598).”

Read more, from the Bank of Scotland, here.

Photo: Edinburgh steps