13,000 new homes identified for Glasgow over the next five years

A TARGET 13,000 homes – half of which will be ‘affordable’ – has been identified for Glasgow over the next five years.

City councillors today heard of the plans, which – says a council announcement – have been “informed by the Scottish Government’s Housing to 2040 strategy; the city’s Tenant-Led Housing Commission report; and partner and stakeholder engagement on a range of issues, with more consultation to come over the next few months.”

The announcement adds, here: “After [a] formal consultation period and the collation of feedback, the draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS) will be reviewed and appropriately amended before coming back to the council’s City Administration Committee for approval later this year.”

Almost a fortnight ago, the council set out plans for 6,500 ‘affordable’ homes – here.

The LHS has highlighted five ambitions:

  • Delivering more homes and great places that reduce poverty and inequality and increase opportunity and prosperity for all;
  • Improving the energy efficiency of Glasgow’s homes, reducing fuel poverty and supporting a Just Transition to Net Zero through decarbonising domestic heating and energy;
  • Improving the condition of Glasgow’s homes and preserving Glasgow’s tenements and built heritage;
  • Supporting people to live independently and well at home in the community; and
  • Improving housing options, affordability and sustainability for tenants and owners, to prevent and reduce homelessness.

Pictured: Just off Glasgow’s Great Western Road, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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