’20-minute neighbourhood’ proposed for Midlothian site

A PROPOSED housing development, incorporating several of the ambitions of the ’20-minute neighbourhood’ (where many of life’s essentials are within close proximity), has been earmarked for a site in Midlothian.

No number has yet been released as to the potential number of homes that might be built on the site opposite the Straiton retail park, near Edinburgh’s southern boundary.

The proposal is at the pre-planning application stage, known as a Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN).

Says a media release on behalf of the developers – private company, Straiton Estates Ltd – the PoAN is a formal notification that will incorporate two consultation events in the nearby town of Loanhead.

Says the release: “The land has been allocated for development for over five years and is a key site in Midlothian Council’s current Local Development Plan (here) strategy where a mix of uses, including residential and commercial, are supported as part of a new ‘gateway’ to Midlothian.

“In addition to new homes will be a mixed-use neighbourhood centre, including potential land for a new health centre. Open space and play areas will be located within easy walking distance of all new homes, with attractive pedestrian green links between open spaces and the homes.

“Safe and attractive routes to existing schools and facilities within Loanhead and Straiton will also be established, with a biodiverse wetland area north of the [A701] relief road (here) [running almost parallel to the existing A701], linking to a wider green network across the site.”

Picture credit: EMA Architects

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