3,300 ‘affordable’ homes set for the Highlands

PLANS have been announced by Highland Council for a house-building programme to deliver 3,300 ‘affordable’ homes over the next five years.

It follows a decision by the local authority’s Housing and Property committee and envisages a build rate of at least 500 homes per year.

Says the council, in an announcement, here, it has 9,000 people on its housing waiting list. The announcement adds: “[Our] 2023-2028 Strategic Housing and Investment Plan has been prepared on the basis that it will be possible to approve at least 500 units with a target of 660 properties each year, of which 70 per cent will be for ‘affordable’ rent and 30 per cent for ‘intermediate affordable housing’ (eg, low-cost home ownership or mid-market rent), this is in line with overall Scottish Government targets.”

However, it is being reported – including, here, by The Press and Journal newspaper – that the pledge represents a scaling back of plans announced two years ago, because of a “shortage of affordable land in Inverness, coupled with dire market conditions”.

Pictured: Inverness, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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