THE Scotland we could be isn’t necessarily about coming up with an original idea; better that we have the humility and curiosity to learn from what has gone before and currently.

There is such a rich seam of knowledge, expertise, experience and wisdom to draw upon, and it should not be allowed to go to waste.

This website seeks to capture ‘good practice’, to help inform all our actions.

But, with limited resources, we do not have the means to employ a team of reporters to deliver news on an ongoing basis.

There are other media outlets nobly dedicated to reporting news and exposing wrong-doing, and you should consider supporting them, as we hope, of course, you feel able to support us – including by signing up as a member.

So, we are most likely going to rock to a weekly rhythm, with – still to launch – any semblance of news provided by the media releases posted (following strict moderation) by accredited third party organisations.

Our approach is, therefore, solutions-orientated and positive. That said, we maintain a broadly sceptical view that Scotland is the ‘best small country in the world’. There are things that require fixing and serious thought.

If we are to have a long-term ambition – beyond creating an editorial environment whereby different types of practitioners can learn from each other – it is to be the driving force behind actual, physical projects.

It doesn’t get much more ambitious than the building of a new town, but at least we can take baby steps – and it should be fun writing about and reading them – towards realising one.

The argument for a new town is compelling, at least theoretically. So long as we, as a country, permit large-scale housing on the edge of towns – making the car something of a necessity, even to fetch a pint of milk – there is a strong case for reconfiguring how our housing is delivered.

The prize is thriving communities.

And to that end, we are planning to launch annual awards recognising ‘smart’ urban design and thriving communities.

There’s lots of good stuff going on in Scotland. Let’s celebrate that, both in our editorial and at our awards.

We hope that works for you.

The small print

We are not affiliated to any political, civic or faith organisation, are completely independent of any editorial pressures except our own, and constituted as a private company limited by shares (Newsdippermedia ltd, registered in Scotland, company number SC237125).

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Thank you

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