SCOTLAND’S self-imposed deadline of 2045 – to be a net zero emitter of the greenhouse gases that are causing our planet to heat up – means we have to increasingly translate the best ideas we can muster about place design into actual delivery.

This website seeks to gather those ideas: to inspire, stimulate and cajole.

To coin a phrase, we aim to ‘crowdsource’ good ideas. There are so many people doing so many good things. It’s an editorial response to the collegiate approach necessary to make change happen, and, in that vein, the ambition of this site is to become as content-rich as possible.

We appeal to you: to share with us with your expertise and wisdom and to support the site with money (to allow us do our job as comprehensively as possible).

Scotland (including its islands) is estimated to be 30,420 square miles in size.

That’s not to say there are 30,420 articles waiting to be written – though you never know – but, since every inch counts, the scale of the task is enormous.

You can only imagine the potential of a website that seeks to deliver possible solutions to the place design challenges of our times.

Our content aims to tease out the topics and those among us willing to engage with them.

Your financial support of the site is pivotal. To access our services in full – including commenting on articles, taking part in discussion groups and attending our webinars – involves paying a modest annual subscription.

Your subscription will help pay for several things, including the moderation of all content (including comments) intended for the site. Secondly, there are site-related issues such as URL renewal and ongoing maintenance and security. And, perhaps most importantly, we want to commission writers, photographers, filmmakers and radio broadcasters to help build the site’s editorial offering.

We are not affiliated to any political, civic or faith organisation, are completely independent of any editorial pressures except our own, and constituted as a private company limited by shares (Newsdippermedia ltd, registered in Scotland, company number SC237125).

Our archive already stretches back well over two years as we sought to explore proof of concept; the delay in our launching is mostly down to personal illness.

We will be soon launching some specific pay-for services, including media release posting, job advertising and a services and products directory.

We are currently a small team; we need to become much bigger and pro-active. 

Your backing will prove crucial.

Let’s do it!

Thank you.