‘Active travel’ funding announced for Glasgow

SEVERAL districts in Glasgow are to benefit from ‘urban realm’ improvements, with the aim of making ‘active travel’ (ie walking, cycling and wheeling) easier.

A funding pot of £3.6m is being made available, to deliver improvements to the likes of Govan, to the south of the River Clyde, and Saracen Street, north of the river.

Says the local authority, the money is from a Places for Everyone programme, funded by the Scottish Government and administered by ‘active travel’ charity, Sustrans.

Says Glasgow City Council, here: “The funding will help progress a range of projects, including the Govan City Network active travel route, as well as several Liveable Neighbourhood projects that make it easier for people to access services, facilities, and amenities within a short walk, wheel, cycle, or public transport journey from home.

“Glasgow’s transport strategy has set a target of reducing car vehicle kilometres by at least 30 per cent in support of the city’s ambition to become a ‘net zero’ carbon city by 2030, acknowledging that a widespread shift to active travel and public transport is essential for the fight against climate change.

“The £3.6m package of funding will further the development of several projects, providing a boost of £2.29m for the Govan City Network, £1.19m for three Liveable Neighbourhoods projects and £136,504 for Flourishing Moledinar, a community-inspired project focused on walking, wheeling and cycling, and pedestrian safety.”

Pictured: Visualisation of ‘The Cessnock-Ibrox Village Strip’ project, Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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