‘Active travel’ route map unveiled for Glasgow

A MAP has been unveiled, showing where a proposed 270km network of ‘active travel’ (walking, cycling, wheeling) routes in Glasgow is to be installed.

Says Glasgow City Council, here: “The final delivery plan for the City Network sets out in detail how the council will prioritise its effort to add almost 270km of safer, segregated active routes for walking, wheeling and cycling to 300km of existing routes in Glasgow.

“Areas of the city have selected after considering factors such as deprivation statistics, pedestrian and cyclist injuries, whether cycling infrastructure is already in place, the amenities available in an area, population size and levels of car ownership.”

The announcement continues: “With work on safer routes already advancing in places such as Byres Road, Sighthill, Barrowfield and Parkhead, the next phase of development will focus on areas in the north and south of Glasgow as well as Greater Govan.

“In a report to the council’s Environment and Liveable Neighbourhoods City Policy committee, a total of 77km of cycle ways and footpaths are expected to be built in these three areas that add to existing or emerging routes and create possible connections with neighbouring local authorities.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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