‘Affordable’ housing agreement struck in regeneration scheme

OVER 100 ‘social rent’ homes have been approved for a regeneration area almost immediately to the west of Edinburgh city centre.

The Fountainbridge site – once occupied by a brewery, and bordering the Union Canal – will feature a total of 464 homes, over 2,700 square metres of retail space, community growing space and over 1,000 cycle parking spaces. In total, the site comprises 49,000 square metres, and the exact number of ‘social rent’ homes is 115. A further 71 homes are to be made available for what is being described as ‘mid-market rent’.

Says the local authority, here, in announcing the agreement: “The Union Canal is a ‘Local Nature Conservation Site’ and landscaping is planned to create a biodiverse area in harmony with the character of the waterway.

“Generous use of trees of varying species is also planned while the development will be designed to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and incorporate low carbon technologies, in line with Edinburgh’s ambitious net zero aims. Historic elements of the adjacent North British Rubber Factory will also be preserved and incorporated into the designs.”

The regeneration is to be called Leamington Square and involves The City of Edinburgh Council, as landowner, and a partnership between Cruden Homes (East) Ltd and Buccleuch Property.

It is envisaged that work will begin next year and be completed by 2027.

Adds the council: “he masterplan for the site was approved in 2016 following an extensive programme of community consultation. Regular engagement on proposals for the site has continued with the Fountainbridge Sounding Board, a forum bringing together the area’s key stakeholders.

“The redevelopment includes 464 new homes, including 115 ‘social homes’, circa 10,000 sqm (net) of office space, new shops, high-quality public realm, an extension to Boroughmuir High School and refurbishment of Edinburgh Printmakers.”

The council bought the site in 2012, a masterplan for the site was agreed in 2016 and the new Boroughmuir High School was opened in February 2018.

Cruden Homes (East) Limited – with Buccleuch Property – has been awarded £1.1million for pre-development services for the site

Continues the council: “Cruden Homes (East) Limited will complete the pre-development work to prepare for construction, including finalising designs and selecting a net zero carbon energy solution for the entire site, contributing to the council’s ambitious target to reach net-zero emissions by 2030 (here).” 

Picture credit: 7N Architects

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