Affordable housing development set for soon-to-be former hospital

AN affordable housing development is set to be built in the south of Edinburgh, following the successful purchase of a soon-to-be former hospital.

The City of Edinburgh Council has announced, here, that it has agreed the purchase of the Liberton Hospital site for a sum of £14.8m, earmarking it for around 400 homes “a significant number of which will be accessible and affordable for social or mid-market rent”.

The announcement continues: “The NHS will continue to occupy the premises until March 2025 to allow the hospital’s remaining services to be gradually relocated. During this time, the council plans to appoint a development partner and consult with the local community to draw up plans for an accessible green neighbourhood – making sure to retain many original features of the historic hospital, gatehouse and gardens facing Lasswade Road.

“The council’s vision for the site is to focus on supporting a range of housing needs while delivering homes at scale to help meet the city’s growing demand. It is anticipated that the regeneration will deliver at least 380 energy efficient mixed tenure homes for sale and rent, all of which could be fully accessible, with up to 50 per cent affordable. This would exceed the council’s commitment of at least 35 per cent affordable homes on residential developments.”

Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

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