Almost half of planning appeals upheld by Scottish Government

ALMOST half of appeals against local authority planning decisions were upheld by the Scottish Government – according to the latest annual report of its Planning and Environmental Appeals Division.

Says the division’s 2021-22 report, here, so-called Scottish Government ‘reporters’ upheld 164 appeals, from 367 cases – ie 45 per cent.

Adds the report, 2021-22 had seen a “significant dip” in the number of cases received.

Among specific local authorities, Argyll & Bute saw six out of seven appeals upheld.

East Dunbartonshire, South Ayrshire, Dundee City and Highland councils all saw more than 60 per cent of their decisions overturned.

Eighteen of Scotland’s 32 local authorities had 50 per cent or more of appeals upheld.

Pictured: Scottish Government building, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland