Angus investigated as a ’20-minute neighbourhood’ by students

THE local authority area of Angus has been investigated as a ‘living lab’ by students researching how it might incorporate so-called ’20-minute neighbourhoods’ – where many of life’s essentials are within close proximity.

The students – at the University of Dundee – are all post-graduates, studying for a MSc in Spatial Planning (here).

Their course leader is Dr Husam Al Waer, who oversaw the project.

Says a media release issued by the university (here): “The brief specifically challenged students to explore how [the town of] Monifieth and the nearby smaller settlements can work together to produce connected communities.

“This included making the town centre work better by improving links to and from it and exploring how settlements could grow to accommodate demand while accommodating a green infrastructure. 

“The issues and solutions that students identified included the new planning requirements and the potential for Angus’s rural villages to accommodate new growth to help support existing facilities and services.

“The students produced innovative solutions on how to do this whilst taking into account the drive to be Net Zero by 2045, climate change, and impacts on nature within this part of Angus.”

Picture credit: Dr Husam Al Waer

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