Appointments, etc, w/e July 14

WELCOME to a new editorial thread on noting appointments, retirements, etc in the Scottish placemaking sector.

And we are grateful to reporting in Scottish Housing News, Scottish Construction Now and Project Scotland, plus others, for news of the following:

Donaldson, Alyson (pictured) – Appointed chief financial officer at timber and construction materials supplier, Donaldson Group. Reported here

Henderson, Barbara – Appointed Volunteering for Wellbeing Programme co-ordinator at Dunoon Area Alliance Community Development Trust. Reported here.

Logan, Iain – Appointed chief financial officer at housebuilder, Springfield Properties. Reported here.

Low, Stuart – Appointed investment partner in Glasgow, at commercial real estate firm, Ryden. Reported here.

Payne, Will – Appointed general manager at ground engineers, Akela. Reported here.

Sutherland, Steph – Appointed development and commercial director at Blackwood Homes and Care. Reported here.

Got news about an appointment, retirement, etc? Feel free to use our Contact Us link to feature in our next ‘personnel news’ update, this time next week.

Picture credit: Donaldson Group

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