Appointments, w/e November 3

WELCOME to a fairly recently-launched editorial thread on noting appointments, retirements, etc in the Scottish placemaking sector.

And we are grateful to reporting in Scottish Housing News, Scottish Construction Now and Project Scotland, plus others, for news of the following:

Boyle, Dave – Elected chair of housing association, Hillcrest. Reported here;

Fergusson, Ian – Elected senior partner at chartered surveyors, Shepherd. Reported here;

Lamb, Alan – Appointed a director at the Edinburgh office of civil, structural and conservation engineers, Will Rudd. Along with Even Sørgjer. Reported, here; and

Puffer, Brian (pictured) – Appointed chief finance officer and executive director at minerals excavation and processing technology firm, Weir Group Ltd. Reported here.

Feel free to get in touch – via our Contact Us link – with your appointments, retirement, etc news.

Picture credit: Weir Group Ltd

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