Baker poised for inaugural webinar appearance

ONE of Scotland’s most innovative community activists is on Wednesday telling the story of the well-known cultural and arts centre in Dumfries, The Stove Network.

Matt Baker is the inaugural guest interviewee in a weekly series of webinars, being hosted by

He is appearing on Wednesday, from midday, to take questions about an article he has written for the site, here: ‘Creative placemaking – necessary, not just nice to have’.

Baker is the first of several guest interviewees already lined up between now and late August, with the webinar on June 28 involving the recent chief officer of the Scotland’s Towns Partnership, Phil Prentice.

Soon enough, webinars will be for members only – here.

But anyone wishing to attend Baker’s session, free with our compliments, can request the Zoom link via the Contact Us invite at the bottom of the front page.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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