Beach clean reveals rise in litter

A DRAMATIC rise in the amount of litter on Scotland’s beaches has been collected, following the latest in an annual beach clean.

The clean-up – between September 16 and 25 – saw 1,200 volunteers collect over 400 bags of litter, weighing in at 1,830kg.

Say the organisers of the clean-up, the Marine Conservation Society, here: “Litter items overall on Scottish beaches were up 42 per cent in 2022, compared to the same time last year (now standing at 492 litter items per 100m stretch of beach).”

The MCS adds: “Scotland saw the biggest litter levels of Sewage-related Debris (SRD) of any UK country, with a whopping 88 SRD items found per 100m stretch of Scottish beach surveyed (this includes wet wipes, cotton bud sticks and period-related products).

“Wet wipes were up 150 per cent compared with 2021 results, with an average of 63 wet wipes recorded for every 100 metres of Scottish beach surveyed, highlighting a need for urgent and ambitious action by Scottish Government and Scottish Water to tackle sewage pollution.

“Drinks-related litter was found on 93 per cent of surveyed beaches in Scotland.”

In more detail: 168 plastic / polystyrene pieces per 100m;

19 cotton bud sticks per 100m;

63 wet wipes per 100m;

17 plastic caps and lids per 100m; and

38 packets (crisps, sandwiches, etc) per 100m.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland