Big budget housing commitment made by capital’s councillors

THE budget to be spent by Edinburgh’s local authority on its housing stock is to increase by more than £50m from the last financial year (2022-23) to £173m during this coming one (2023-24).

It follows a meeting yesterday of the council’s Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work committee, on the back of a general, council-wide spending plan agreed last month (here).

Says the council, the £173m will be spent on new-builds and “[ramping] up capital investment into existing homes, including innovative energy-efficiency upgrades”.

It is believed the plans will see more than 3,000 older properties being upgraded.

Says a council announcement, here: “The council is one of the first local authorities in Scotland to pilot a ‘whole house retrofit’ approach and this will be adopted fully [this year].

“This will focus on improvements to the fabric of buildings and energy performance, including design and development work for at least four multi-storey blocks.

“Retrofitting will not only help with issues like damp but help to lower tenants’ fuel costs and support Edinburgh’s net-zero carbon by 2030 commitment, with large-scale rewiring, roof replacements, new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors due to be identified.

“The spending programme is also set to involve improvements to common areas and stairwells, adapting homes in response to people’s health needs and transforming derelict sites and void properties into much-needed new homes for tenants and people experiencing homelessness.”

Pictured: External insulation about to be fitted to housing in Oxgangs, Edinburgh, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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