Bike storage approval announced by Edinburgh

EDINBURGH bicycle owners can now build bike storage, behind their home, without first requiring planning permission.

In guidance issued by the city council’s planning department, bike storage has – since April 1 – be designated ‘permitted development’.

Says the guidance: “Permitted development rights relating to bike stores, which are of particular relevance to active travel improvements within the city, allow a structure within the rear curtilage [an area of land attached to a house and forming one enclosure with it] of a tenement for the specific use of storing bicycles.

“There is no limit on the dimensions of any bike store. However, only one such bike store can be erected, and these rights do not apply to listed buildings or sites within the boundary of the World Heritage Site. The resulting bike store cannot create an obstruction to light to another building.”

Pictured: Bedecked in flowers, Dalkeith, Midlothian

Picture credit: PlaceDesignScotland