Bill to be presented to parliament aiming to increase recycling and reduce waste

THE stakes are being potentially raised, to increase recycling and reduce waste in Scotland, with the publication of a proposed piece of legislation about the ‘circular economy’.

A Bill is to be presented to the Scottish Parliament that – among other things – will suggest placing charges on single-use items like coffee cups.

Says the Scottish Government of the ‘Circular Economy Bill’, here: “[It] will give ministers powers to:

  • Set local recycling targets, building on the experience of Wales, which has the best recycling rate in the UK;
  • Set statutory targets for delivery of a circular economy to measure progress in reducing waste and the nation’s carbon footprint; [and]
  • Ban the disposal of unsold consumer goods, to prevent good products ending up in landfill.”

The announcement continues: “Local authorities will be given additional enforcement powers, allowing them to crack down on flytipping and littering from cars.

“The Scottish Government will also work with local authorities to co-design an updated national Code of Practice for household waste recycling, to improve consistency of services and increase the quality and quantity of recycling collected.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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