‘Breakthrough’ data tool designed to inform ‘active travel’ decisions

REGIONAL and city policymakers and politicians are being offered the chance to make informed choices on what people want – particularly when it comes to walking, cycling and wheeling – thanks to a data tool being described as a “breakthrough”.

The walking, wheeling and cycling charity, Sustrans, has launched a ‘data dashboard’ – updating previous incarnations – which has surveyed over 23,000 adults from 18 regional locations – including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling – as to what people think and what people do.

The tool allows for drilling down to individual locations and certain sections of the population.

And in response to eight questions, there are several possible answers and percentages attached, as to ‘very useful’, ‘useful’, etc.

Says Sustrans, here: “We’ve launched a breakthrough tool that uniquely analyses localised data on public behaviours and attitudes towards walking and cycling. The Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index Data Tool [here] will provide expert insight to policymakers in local and national government, campaigners, researchers and the general public.”

For instance, with regards to Edinburgh (to be found by interrogating here), in response to the question essentially, ‘What would make walking or wheeling easier?’, 75 per cent of the 1,346 adults asked replied: ‘More shops and services closer to home’, while 67 per cent replied: ‘Fewer cars parked on the pavement’. Meanwhile, 70 per cent responded: ‘Places to stop and rest’ and 48 per cent responded: ‘More streets with 20mph/30kmph speed limits’.

In response to another question, 77 per cent of respondents supported the idea of ’20-minute neighbourhoods’.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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