Bridge soon to open, in bid to regenerate Glasgow’s Sighthill district

A BRIDGE over the M8 motorway in Glasgow is set to open soon to the public, as part of a plan to regenerate an area to the north-east of the city centre.

Says an announcement from the local authority, the bridge will help encourage walking, cycling and wheeling between Sighthill and the city centre, and is part of a regeneration scheme that is “the biggest such project in the UK outside of London”.

The announcement notes, here: “The new bridge is part of a wider active travel network connecting Sighthill, the nearby city centre and neighbouring communities in north Glasgow and is a key feature of the £250million regeneration of Sighthill, the biggest such project in the UK outside of London.”

It adds: “The Sighthill Bridge was funded through the Glasgow City Region City Deal, with additional Places for Everyone funding from [Scottish Government agency] Transport Scotland, administered by [cycling and walking charity] Sustrans. The Scottish and UK governments are each providing City Deal funding for £500million for infrastructure projects in the city region.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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