Carbon focus to land code of conduct

A CODE of conduct has been launched, to encourage landowners to manage their land in a way that reduces emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – which have the effect of trapping heat in the atmosphere.

The code, a voluntary one, has been produced by the Scottish Land Commission.

Says the Commission, here: “In a bid to meet the country’s net-zero targets, Scotland’s land provides a huge opportunity for investment in natural capital activity such as tree planting and peat restoration, presenting both benefits and risks for businesses, communities and the economy.”

It adds: “[We have] published a new protocol setting out practical expectations for new and existing landowners, managers and investors to ensure that their approach to natural capital and carbon management recognises their responsibilities, as well as their rights, in relation to land and contributes to a just transition.”

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on proposed land reform – here.

The Commission continues: “Among the expectations set out by the Commission is that landowners and managers should engage with communities on land decisions before actioning, so that the communities are able to influence the decisions made. Communities and local economies should also benefit from the management of natural capital in ways which support local priorities and aspirations.”

Picture credit: Scottish Land Commission