Communities placed at heart of ten-year architecture and design agency strategy

THE voice of communities has been placed at the heart of the design of places, according to a ten-year strategy issued by the Scottish Government agency, Architecture and Design Scotland.

Says A+DS, in an announcement, here, it is “calling for collaboration to ensure Scotland’s places are created for the benefit of people in Scotland, and ensuring that the voice of communities is central to how places are planned and delivered”.

It adds: “The strategy sets out the agency’s vision for the coming decade – a Scotland whose places are healthy, sustainable and thriving, where everyone works together to shape their future.”

It says that research has revealed the following design ‘benefits’ :

  • Proximity to good greenspace is associated with improved mental health and wellbeing;
  • People living closer to greenspace are likely to be more physically active than those who do not;
  • Active travel offers physical activity and sustainable means of transport – good street design and lighting can encourage active travel, leading to health and environmental benefits; and
  • Places designed to be walkable can increase the potential for social connections.

Pictured: Musselburgh, East Lothian

Picture credit: PlaceDesignScotland