Plans unveiled to give Glaswegians more influence in the delivery of local services and buildings

GLASWEGIANS, community groups, organisations and entrepreneurs are being offered the opportunity to play a greater role in the delivery and management of local services, buildings and facilities, in the hope of ‘better’ meeting the changing needs of their neighbourhoods.

Says city’s council, the move is “part of Glasgow’s mission to empower communities”.

Says a media release (here): “The call to action will use the city’s world-famous brand to encourage expressions of interest from organisations and groups across Glasgow.

“This work builds on the strong foundation of the City Charter (here) in its aims to give more control to people and communities over the important decisions that affect their lives.

“The People Make Glasgow Communities programme will encourage the people who know, use and are passionate about their local resources to make them more relevant and accessible to everyone in the local community.

“Buildings and the services they host, sports pitches and community facilities are among the options that people across the city can now become more involved in operating and managing.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council