Community wealth-building found to have benefitted from government procurement

AN estimated 120,000 jobs in Scotland have been supported by the way the Scottish Government has allocated its spending.

According to research (here) commissioned by the government, Scottish Government procurement has reaped dividends for local communities, businesses and the environment (aka community wealth-building, as espoused by the so-called Preston Model).

Says the Scottish Government, here: “[We are] consulting on Community Wealth Building legislation, to be introduced during this term of the Scottish Parliament, which further promotes the role of public procurement in supporting local businesses and transforming economies.”

Among the schemes said to have benefitted from Scottish Government spending:

  • Spend with Scottish food suppliers to provide meals to schools and care homes has almost doubled in five years;
  • A COVID-19 test kit sourced through Scottish businesses saved 182 tonnes of waste a year by reducing packaging;
  • Nearly 20,000 customers reduced energy bills through Warmer Homes Scotland efficiency measures installed by local suppliers; and
  • Scottish Prison Service contracts helped women leaving custody to find jobs.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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