Competition launched to re-imagine the Cumbernauld Centre

A COMPETITION has been launched to re-imagine one of Scotland’s most significant – yet controversial – buildings.

The hope of the competition – being run by the Glasgow Institute of Architects – is to recognise that the Cumbernauld Centre be retained, not demolished, not least because of the ‘carbon’ implications of repair versus new-build.

With a deadline of September 1, there are three prizes on offer: £1,000, £500 and £250.

Says the GIA, here: “The megastructure of Cumbernauld Town Centre is one of Scotland’s most infamous pieces of architecture. Revered and reviled in equal measure, it represents a period of optimism in the future as part of post-war New Town planning.”

In November, Scottish Government agency, Historic Environment Scotland, explained – here – why it had decided not to have the Centre listed.

The GIA adds: “We can debate the value of the architectural vision but the embodied carbon in the reinforced concrete of its structure is undeniable. We can’t continue to rub out failing structures without a care for the environmental impact. How, then, can we repair, adapt and re-imagine this megastructure to write a new chapter in its development?”

Picture credit: Professor Gordon Murray (a member of the competition jury)

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