‘Complex needs’ residential development issues final call for input from young people

A FINAL call has been issued to young people to help shape the design of 60 self-contained studio flats, in Perth, for people with ‘complex needs’.

A deadline of the 26th of this month is looming for competition entries “to imagine how [the] new inclusive community and sustainable building project… could look like”.

The project is being carried out by the charity, Capability Scotland, and has secured the backing of architect and broadcaster, George Clarke (pictured).

Says a media release: “The challenge will help inform Capability Scotland’s new inclusive Bertha Park facility in Perth, which is in partnership with the Ministry of Building Innovation and Education [MOBIE] – a charity founded by George Clarke to inspire young people to get involved in housing and community design for the future.”

A first invite was issued at the end of last year.

Further details of the competition can be found by emailing here.

Picture credit: GeorgeClarke.com

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