Compulsory purchases to be converted into ‘social rent’ housing

GLASGOW’S local authority is to invoke compulsory purchase powers, to acquire a group of flats and a derelict building, to be converted into flats for ‘social rent’.

Elected members of Glasgow City Council today approved of the compulsory purchase of flats 1/3 and 3/2, 27 Harley Street and 1/2, 25 Harley Street in the Ibrox area of the city along with 26-34 Bridge Street, relatively nearby towards the city centre.

Says the council, here: “The compulsory purchase of the [Harley Street] flats will enable the council to transfer their ownership to Elderpark Housing Association, which already owns flats and acts as factor in these closes. The flats will be added to the city’s social housing stock.

“The Bridge Street building – which was formerly owned by a company that was dissolved in 2008, with the council taking ownership in 2017 following court action for unpaid debt – will be disposed ‘off-market’ to New Gorbals Housing Association.

“New Gorbals Housing Association has acquired the former public house adjoining this building and is now considering development options for the site – options that are more deliverable with the disposal of 26-34 Bridge Street.”

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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