Council agrees to 6,500 new-build ‘affordable’ homes

PLANS have been agreed that are expected to see 6,500 new, ‘affordable’ homes being built in Glasgow, over the next five years.

The ambitious programme – agreed by the city’s councillors earlier today – is expected to cost over £535million.

The housing target will comprise a mix of housing association homes and those provided by the private sector, as part of any affordable homes obligation they might have, in order to secure planning permission.

Says Glasgow City Council of its Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP), here: “The SHIP aims to deliver on the vision and strategic priorities set out in Glasgow’s housing strategy, which include: contributing towards housing supply targets; increasing the supply of larger (four-plus bedrooms) affordable homes; delivering accessible housing options and supporting people to live independently in their homes; targeting acquisitions to increase affordable housing options and address issues within private sector housing and tenements; and prioritising low and zero-carbon homes with low-cost heating systems ahead of the Scottish Government target for zero emissions heating systems in new homes from 2024.”

Funding is coming primarily from the Scottish Government’s affordable housing scheme.

The announcement continues: “Glasgow’s SHIP also directs the city’s affordable housing supply programme, which has four main areas of focus: meeting particular housing needs; tackling child poverty and mitigating the cost-of-living crisis; preventing and reducing homelessness; and meeting the housing needs of people displaced by the war in Ukraine and living in Glasgow as a result.

“Specific targets within the AHSP include the aim that ten per cent of all new homes in developments of 20 units and above will be wheelchair readily-adaptable; and 60 new family-sized homes with four or more bedrooms are built each year.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland