Funds boost to help deliver affordable homes in Glasgow

SOME £120million has been allocated by the Scottish Government to help deliver new affordable housing in Glasgow – in partnership with the city’s registered social landlords.  

Allocated through the Scottish Government’s Affordable Housing Supply Programme, the funding will be used to fund around 780 new housing approvals and will see the completion of over 1453 new homes in Glasgow during 2021/22. 

Says the city council, in an announcement, here: “The award is the highest level of annual funding that Glasgow City Council has received since the transfer of the management of development funding from Scottish Government in 2003.  

“The 2021/22 allocation means that the total funding that Glasgow City Council has received for affordable housing since 2003 is £1.298 billion.  

“The council has used this funding to deliver 14,560 new affordable homes in Glasgow through its work with its housing association partners over that period.”

Picture: Drumchapel, Glasgow

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council