Council confirms negotiations underway to dispose of two sites

GLASGOW City Council has announced it is entering negotiations to dispose of two sites in the city – one towards the north-west of the city centre – without putting them on the market.

Says an announcement, here: “Glasgow City Council has approved the beginning of negotiations on the off-market disposal of two sites – the first with two plots of unmaintained land totalling 9.19 hectares at Kenmuir Road in Carmyle and the other a former schoolhouse at Shakespeare Street in Maryhill.”

The announcement goes on to say: “The negotiation on the two plots (separated by a disused railway line) in Carmyle will take place between the council and Carmyle Developments Limited. The disposal of the plots would generate a capital receipt for the council.

“This company – which owns the adjoining land – has a planning application (reference 17/02961/DC) for a residential development at the land adjacent to Kenmuir Road and River Road, with highway improvements and other associated works there part of the proposals.

“The former schoolhouse – known as Killearn Bungalow – is a five-apartment red sandstone building, and negotiations on its disposal can now begin between the council and Maryhill Housing Association.

“Since its use as a schoolhouse, the building’s uses had included short-term emergency accommodation, and the housing association would – on successful completion of negotiations – refurbish the property and use it as supported accommodation. This disposal would support the council’s housing objectives.”

Pictured: the Kenmuir Road site, Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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