Crofters invited to apply for energy efficiency grants

CROFTERS are being invited to apply for Scottish Government-funded grants, to help improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

Says the government, of its Croft House Grant, funding of up to £38,000 is available “towards the costs of home improvements which will help [crofters] save energy – such as loft or wall insulation, new ‘zero direct emissions heating systems’ or upgraded windows and doors”.

It adds, here: “The grant scheme supports crofters to improve their homes, or build new homes – allowing them to maximise the full potential of their crofts and to retain and attract people to remote and rural communities.

“Over the past year, the Scottish Government has awarded over £1 million in grant funding to help crofters across Scotland build and improve their homes.”

It is understood that, since January 2007, over £24.4 million in Croft House Grant payments have helped to build and improve over 1,100 croft homes.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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