Date announced for tram extension ‘opening’

JUNE 7 has been identified as the day when an extension to Edinburgh’s tram network opens for public use.

The extension – from the city centre’s York Place, to Newhaven, to the north of the city – has been under construction for four years.

Says The City of Edinburgh Council, here, the project has been “delivered on schedule and within the £207.3m budget”.

The announcement adds: “Over recent months, rigorous testing – to ensure the newly-constructed line, software and signals work effectively and safely – has included running trams at half and full speed and eventually to timetable, work to integrate signalling and interface with Edinburgh Trams’ control centre and driver familiarisation.”

And continues: “While the project will open for revenue services on 7 June 2023, outstanding public realm works will continue in some sections.”

Pictured: Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

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