Debut meeting of ‘Housing to 2040 strategic board’

SENIOR figures from Scotland’s housing sector are convening today, in what is being described as the first meeting of the ‘strategic board’ overseeing the Scottish Government policy initiative, Housing to 2040.

Says the Scottish Government, here, of Housing to 2040: “The Scottish Government’s ambition is that everyone in Scotland should have access to a warm, safe, affordable and energy efficient home that meets their needs, in a community they feel part of and proud of. We want to ensure that Scotland has a housing system that can help to address the number of challenges we are facing, including an ageing population and the global climate emergency. And we also want a housing system that is dynamic and resilient enough to respond to emerging challenges and changing contexts.”

And, adds a media release, here, about the board: “The Housing to 2040 strategic board – which includes representatives from housing providers, landlords, housing developers and tenant organisations – will meet every six months.”

It adds: “The board will be co-chaired by [Scottish Government] Housing Secretary, Shona Robison, and CoSLA’s Community Wellbeing spokesperson, Councillor Maureen Chalmers.”

The board comprises:

  • Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government (co-chair)
  • Councillor Maureen Chalmers, CoSLA spokesperson for Community Wellbeing (co-chair)
  • Patrick Harvie, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights
  • Michael Cameron, chief executive, Scottish Housing Regulator
  • Sally Thomas, chief executive, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • John Mills, co-chair, Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers
  • Jane Wood, chief executive, Homes for Scotland
  • John Blackwood, chief executive, Scottish Association of Landlords
  • Colin Stewart, chair, North of Scotland Regional Network
  • Callum Chomczuk, national director (Scotland), Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Chris Birt, associate director for Scotland, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Sean Neill, director Local Government, Housing and Planning, Scottish Government

Pictured: Portobello, Edinburgh, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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