Dunfermline becomes Scotland’s eighth city

SCOTLAND has now got itself an eighth city, following a clutch of towns being accorded the new status, to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (70 years).

Dunfermline has been chosen – along with Bangor in Northern Ireland, Colchester, Doncaster and Milton Keynes in England, Douglas in the Isle of Man, Stanley in the Falkland Islands and Wrexham in Wales – to join Scots cities Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling.

Reports the BBC, here: “The Scottish bids that missed out were Dumfries, Elgin, Greenock, Livingston, Oban, St Andrews and South Ayrshire.”

Dunfermline has a population estimated at just shy of 60,000.

The BBC further reports that Perth was named a city as part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations ten years ago (60 years) and that Stirling had become a city ten years before that.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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