Edinburgh announces recruitment drive for tradespeople and apprentices

EDINBURGH’S local authority has announced plans to recruit 80 tradespeople and apprentices, in a bid to bolster its housing service.

Already, adverts have been placed (including here), to recruit 30 people, with the council explaining, in a media release (here), the whole exercise aims to “boost in-house capacity to maintain, improve and repair tenants’ homes”.

And the media release continues: “Craft apprenticeships are available which will provide budding tradespeople with the opportunity to earn a qualification and learn new skills while being paid. Every role forms part of a team with lots of support and mentoring and a college place to become fully qualified.

“Graduate apprenticeships have also been created which will involve working within the council’s surveying team and attending university to gain a BSc (Hons) in Construction and the Built Environment. Successful applicants will learn design skills, contract and risk management and financial costings.”

Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

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