Edinburgh’s public transport places 13th in world listing

EDINBURGH has been placed 13th in a listing of the world’s ‘best’ cities for public transport.

The listing – by arts and culture media outlet, Time Out – says that, while the city is extremely walkable, its public transport is “equally fantastic”.

Says Time Out, here: “The Scottish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, with grand old architecture and an inviting atmosphere that defines the term ‘convivial’.”

The 19-strong list reads, as follows:

1. Berlin, Germany

2. Prague, Czech Republic

3. Tokyo, Japan

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Stockholm, Sweden

6. Singapore

7. Hong Kong

8. Taipei, Taiwan

9. Shanghai, China

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

11. London, UK

12. Madrid, Spain

13. Edinburgh, UK

14. Paris, France

15. New York, USA

16. Montreal, Canada

17. Chicago, USA

18. Beijing, China

19. Mumbai, India

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland