Empty homes guidance for local authorities to be launched midweek

GUIDANCE for local authorities – on how they might address the empty homes on their patch – is to be launched in a few days’ time, at a conference on the topic.

The 12th Scottish Empty Homes Conference – on Wednesday – will consider the estimated 43,000 long-term empty homes in the country, and how best to bring them back into productive use.

Says an announcement, here: “Drawing on best practice examples, the step-by-step guide provides practical advice, support and examples which will enable local authorities to:

  • Showcase the contribution of tackling empty homes to [their] local housing strategy and community planning outcomes;
  • Define the main issues that need action, intervention and resource commitment;
  • Consider the ideas, options and innovation that should guide action, investment and partnership; and
  • Prioritise action and intervention across a network of engaged partners.”

The Scottish Empty Homes Partnership is funded by the Scottish Government and hosted by the housing charity, Shelter Scotland. The guidance has been drawn up- in association with Scots housing consultancy, Arneil Johnston.

The announcement continues: “In developing the ‘Strategic Empty Homes Framework Guidance’, SEHP conducted a series of workshops with empty homes officers and drew on the expertise of some of Scotland’s councils that have already developed a strategic focus to empty homes work.”

Adds the announcement: “Since 2010, the Scottish Empty Homes Network [sic] and the network of council-employed ’empty homes officers’ across the country have helped to bring more than 8,000 empty homes back into use.”

Pictured: Andy Moseley, Policy and Projects manager, Scottish Empty Homes Partnership, Picture credit: Scottish Empty Homes Partnership

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