Empty properties funding launched for Union Street

HALF a million pounds is being made available to “regenerate” buildings on the main Aberdeen thoroughfare, Union Street.

The funding – being issued by the local authority – is targeting empty properties on the street and is essentially a match-funding scheme.

Says Aberdeen City Council, here: “The fund offers grant awards of up to 50 per cent of project costs towards eligible physical works required for internal reconfiguration of vacant shops to enable reoccupation by new businesses and tenants.”

Adds the council, there are three core objectives to the scheme:

To reduce the number of vacant shops on Union Street through supporting eligible physical works required for internal reconfiguration for new uses – be that retail, cultural, hospitality or office space;

To leverage private investment in vacant shops on Union Street to bring them back into use; and

To support new business start-ups and entrepreneurs and create new employment opportunities through enabling the provision of suitable premises on Union Street.

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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