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Feb 9

Rewilding and Scotland’s moorlands

February 9, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

BEGINS the event blurb: “This event will delve into fundamental issues such as whether moorland can ever be seen as compatible with rewilding ambitions. For example, could moorland be wilder and still produce grouse shooting and farmed livestock? And, can we have rewilding sitting alongside modified landscapes or do they compromise each other?

“A key concept which will be explored is how people fit into a rewilded landscape, and how rural communities’ fare.

“Rewilding causes concern for some in terms of the diminution of existing industries which are reliant on moorland – such as grouse shooting and upland farming (and the supplier businesses that feed into these activities), in favour of newer opportunities from rewilding.

“We will discuss these opportunities, the relevance of existing rural skills are and whether earning potential remains comparable. We will also touch on the new ‘Green Lairds’ – as they have been termed – and their role in Scottish rural communities.”




Scotland’s Moorland Forum