Fund created to help communities take ownership of ‘local assets’ such as at-risk pubs

A WESTMINSTER fund has been created, to help communities take ownership of ‘local assets’, such as a pub or shop, which are at risk of being lost to them.

The £150m Community Ownership Fund is inviting applications from now (the first of eight funding rounds), as part of a four-year programme operating right across the United Kingdom.

In a ministerial foreword, possible ‘community assets’ include pubs, cinemas and theatres, music venues, shops and post offices.

Says an UK Government announcement (here): “We are thinking and investing big in in all parts of the UK, especially in those areas which have been historically underserved, through our £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund – building on the success of our £3.6 billion Towns Fund – and our £220 million Community Renewal Fund.

“But in our efforts to reassert local pride alongside national belonging, it’s right that we also think local. That we consider the everyday infrastructure – the community centres, pubs, the high streets – that makes such a difference to our quality of life.

“That is exactly what our new £150 million Community Ownership Fund aims to do by ensuring that communities across the United Kingdom can own and manage their most treasured local community assets.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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