Fund helps support nature-based work on coasts and seas

SOME 45 projects have been awarded almost £3.3m between them, to “help ensure Scotland’s coasts and seas are healthy, productive and nature-rich”.

The backing – over the course of two years – has come from the Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund.

Says the Scottish Government agency, NatureScot, here: “Examples of the projects funded around Scotland include improving the ability to rescue stranded marine mammals, using cutting-edge technology to track the health of the marine environment, restoring sand dunes, and improving seagrass beds.”

Of the near £3.3m, £2.9m has come from the government and the remainder mainly from offshore wind farm operators.

Adds NatureScot: “The [SMEEF] enables sectors that use Scottish waters – such as aquaculture, fishing, energy and shipping – to voluntarily contribute to the health and biodiversity of Scotland’s seas by creating a grant pot. This is then distributed to marine nature enhancement projects across the country.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland