Funding boost for Greater Glasgow forest project

A PROJECT to oversee the planting of 18 million trees by 2031 in the greater Glasgow region has secured an additional £200,000, to help it reach its goal.

The Clyde Climate Forest has already overseen the planting of 1.2 million trees since its founding two years ago.

And says an announcement issued by Glasgow City Council, here: “The funding was approved by the Glasgow City Region Cabinet [representing Glasgow City Council and seven neighbouring local authorities] as part of a dedicated allocation from each of the member councils’ UK Government Shared Prosperity Funding.

And that’s not the end of the funding boost: Scottish Forestry has pitched in, with £70,000.

Adds the council announcement: “Around 50,000 trees [of the 1.2m planted since 2021] have been planted in urban areas by local schoolchildren and community groups. Many landowners have been approached to plant woodlands in key locations for wildlife with several projects in development, and tree planting assessments have been completed of council-owned land.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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