Further work to begin on encouraging alternatives to car travel in Glasgow

WORK is to be carried out on several of Glasgow’s streets, to encourage more ‘sustainable travel choices’, such as walking, cycling and taking a bus instead of a car.

It follows a successful bid for funding by Glasgow City Council from the regionwide Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and will go towards the council’s aim of “reducing car vehicle kilometres by at least 30 per cent in support of the city’s ambition to become a net zero carbon city by 2030”.

Among the projects to benefit from the £2.3m announced by the local authority – here – is increased bus priority on the city centre Hope Street – to include improved bus stops, new shelters, junction and crossing upgrades, and the availability of more accurate bus service information.

Also among the planned-for improvements is to replace existing cycle counters on Sauchiehall Street, Kelvin Way and Gorbals Street with counters that are much more visible, and therefore potentially considerable more incentivising.

Pictured: Hope Street, Glasgow, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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