Gasholder re-imagination continues apace

WORK continues apace to re-imagine a gasholder in north Edinburgh as, among other things, an arts space.

The local authority, The City of Edinburgh Council, has announced that “the bell that floated up as water filled the historic gasholder in Granton Waterfront has been taken apart to make way for work to begin to restore the original 76 x 46 metre frame to look like new”.

The bell – an upturned container containing the gas – would be held within a tank of water, to keep the holder ‘gas tight’.

And, says the council, here: “The City of Edinburgh Council plan to open up the area to create a new and exciting multifunctional public space as part of their wider £1.3bn regeneration project to create a new sustainable coastal town at Granton Waterfront.”

It adds: “[Building and civil engineers] McLaughlin & Harvey began work on the site in January of this year on behalf of the council, using £16.4m from the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund. The Scottish Government has also provided an additional £1.2m to provide a high-quality public park within the gasholder frame.”

Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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