George Square re-design takes a further step forward

A PROPOSED re-design of Glasgow’s main public square has taken a further step forward.

The designs have reached so-called Stage 3 of a process operated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Says an announcement, here, issued by the local authority: “The key design statements for George Square, which will be developed into design principles at the start of RIBA Stage 3, propose that the final design will:

  • Respect vistas, whilst enhancing the views towards key architectural features;
  • Enhance the north-south axis;
  • Protect and extend greenery, including raingardens;
  • Recognise that the edge of the public space is defined by the line of the buildings surrounding the square;
  • Recognise that the edge of the square is defined by the east-west corridors (West George Street and St Vincent Street);
  • Respond to the institutional character of the eastern area of the square in front of the City Chambers;
  • Respond to the non-institutional character of the western area of the square; and
  • Respect the central east west axis in the square (City Chambers – Cenotaph – Sir Walter Scott Memorial Column).

Adds the announcement: “The redesign of George Square is being delivered alongside with the surrounding Avenues [project] over two phases.

“The first phase will see George Square, John Street, Hanover and Miller Street, a section of North Hanover Street and Cochrane Street commencing construction in 2024 with completion due in 2026.

“The second phase of construction – at St Vincent Street, George Street, Dundas Street and Dundas Lane – will be completed in 2028.”

The Avenues project is described as “a network of new, attractive, accessible, safe, sustainable and easily-maintained routes throughout the city centre that are people-focused, encourage active travel and are more attractive to residents, workers, visitors and investors”, funded through the Glasgow City Region City Deal (to the tune of an estimated £115m).

Picture credit: Glasgow City Council

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