Glasgow and Edinburgh named in top ten places-to-visit list

GLASGOW and Edinburgh have both been named in a top ten list of places to visit next year.

Says arts and culture magazine, Time Out, Glasgow finishes sixth in its list – here – and Edinburgh ninth.

Orkney, meanwhile, pitches in at 12th, with the England south-east resort of Eastbourne coming in at No.1.

Among the attractions of Glasgow is its growing vegan culinary scene, while Edinburgh is lauded for its “bloody beautiful” looks.

The list reads:

1. Eastbourne
2. Birmingham
3. Cardigan
4. Manchester
5. Scarborough
6. Glasgow
7. Dorset
8. London
9. Edinburgh
10. Liverpool
11. Padstow
12. Orkney
13. Margate
14. Sheffield
15. Cheshire

Pictured: Kelvinrbridge, Glasgow, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland

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