Glasgow park to become home to wildflower meadow

SOME 30,000 square feet of a Glasgow park is to be given over to wildflower meadow.

The first seeds have been sown across Queen’s Park, in the south of the city, with the city council’s councillor responsible for sustainability and carbon reduction, Anna Richardson, providing a helping hand, along with volunteers from Friends of Queen’s Park.

Says an announcement issued by the city council (here): “The sowing of the wildflower seeds is the first step in [a] wider project to increase the terrain available to pollinator species such as bees, butterflies, beetles and moths and to help them thrive.

“A three-year programme of bulb planting in Queen’s Park is due to begin this autumn to ensure there are sources of food in the park for early season pollinators by Spring 2022.  Plans for additional tree planting within the park are also being put in place.”

The initiative is being described as the city’s ‘first pollinator park’.

The announcement continues: “Councillor Richardson described the pollinator park project as part of the council’s response to the declaration that Glasgow is facing an ecological crisis in step with the climate emergency.

“The pollinator park project, she said, is about strengthening habitats for pollinator species within Glasgow and providing protection for our wider eco-system.

“Encouraging wilder, more natural growth, will also increase the points of interest within one of the city’s best-used open spaces while demonstrating that Glasgow parks can be managed more sustainably.”

Picture credit: PlaceDesignScotland