Scots cities recognised in global, ‘sustainable’ cities index

A WORLD listing of cities judged on the ‘sustainability pillars’ of planet, people and profit has chosen Glasgow at 13th place, and second in the UK.

Say the sustainability and engineering consultants, Arcadis, of its Sustainable Cities Index 2022, here: “Comprising 51 different metrics across 26 separate indicators, together the ‘three pillars’ signal overall prosperity and reflect the many intertwined services and outcomes cities need to consider in pursuing their sustainability goals.

The Norwegian capital of Oslo topped the global list, with he Swedish capital of Stockholm in second place. The Japanese capital of Tokyo was third, with Glasgow 13th and Edinburgh 18th. London – topping the UK listing – comes in sixth.

But Arcadis goes on to say: “While the top ten had the highest combined scores, no city ranked in the top ten across all three pillars of the report. This indicates that excellence in one category alone is not enough for long-term prosperity.”

Continues Arcadis, here: “Glasgow offers healthy, safe, well-connected environments and relatively low-income inequality, as well as high job quality,” adding that Edinburgh “performed well’ in the Planet and People categories.

More details about both Glasgow and Edinburgh are reported in an Arcadis-promoted article in The Scotsman newspaper, here.

Pictured: People’s Palace, Glasgow, Picture credit: Place Design Scotland