Glasgow’s litter pickers recognised

GLASGOW has been recognised for its litter picking volunteers.

According to the charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Glasgow was top among Scotland’s local authorities for litter picks reported following a month-long ‘Spring Clean’ campaign from March 17.

The litter picks recorded in Glasgow are ‘official’ insofar as they have been carried out by recognised groups of volunteers, supported by the local authority with equipment, as part of a scheme called Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers.

The Keep Scotland Beautiful data (here) reveals the following top five reported clean-ups (by local authority area) during the Spring Clean period: Glasgow (525), Renfrewshire (317), Dumfries and Galloway (240), Falkirk (132) and North Lanarkshire (100).

Meanwhile, the top five clean-ups registered with Keep Scotland Beautiful before and during the Spring Clean were as follows: Dumfries and Galloway (240), Falkirk (132), North Lanarkshire (100), Aberdeen City (54) and West Lothian (33).

The difference between ‘registered’ and ‘reported’ is to what extent a litter pick was notified with Keep Scotland Beautiful before or after it taking place.

Glasgow City Council reports the achievement, here.

Picture credit: Keep Scotland Beautiful

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