‘New coastal town’ proposal to be submitted for planning permission

A NOTICE of an upcoming planning application has been announced for the ‘largest brownfield site’ in Edinburgh, earmarked for re-invention as a ‘new coastal town’.

The Granton area of north Edinburgh is being described as a £1.3bn regeneration project, with the local authority having already struck a partnership with a housebuilder – Cruden Homes (East), announced last year (here).

With Cruden, the brownfield site – located in and around a former gas holder – has been earmarked for several hundred homes.

The whole thing is being billed as a “connected and sustainable new coastal town”.

Says a council announcement, here: “The Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN) to transform Edinburgh’s largest brownfield site has been published today.

“The plans have been developed in partnership with Cruden Homes (East) Ltd. They include plans for over 700 net zero [carbon emissions] homes, of which at least 35 per cent will be affordable, capacity for a primary school, commercial units, active travel routes and other sustainable transport infrastructure as well as attractive public and open space.”

Next week and the following week, consolation events, both in-person and online (here), are scheduled to take place.

Picture credit: The City of Edinburgh Council

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